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Papa Jack Express

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Words can not describe the wonderful musical talent and professionalism this group offered. They HIT it OUT of THE PARK with "UPTOWN FUNK"..WOW..."At LAST" was so the perfect romantic setting for us to slow dance to and was so richly performed. PAPA JACK you rocked! The sax...the horns...the singers...each one of the members of this group have a resume a MILE LONG! The yacht club loved this group so much they want them to be the featured group on New Years Eve and they asked how in the word did I find them...RIGHT HERE ON GIGMASTERS!!!!! Thank you for the best wedding memory!

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                                                         "Top Jazz Venue" - DownBeat Magazine
                                                                             A Destination for Live Jazz
                                                       Vines offer a great venue for live music every night of the week.
                                                         Our performers range from legendary locals like Bernie Lee,
                                Barbara Walker, Barry James, Papa Jack, Tommy Bridges and other spectacular performers.

Cafe Murano Thanks for an AMAZING show! You guys  are awesome!!     (Aug 5,2011) 

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Details of the Recommendation: "Jack Philpot is one the most professional musicians and 
capable band leaders I've worked with over many years of professional experience. 
A fine sax player and singer, with an uncanny ability to to read an audience and give
 them an unchartered journey to memories past, presenting a rainbow of top hits from  the last five decades.
Jazz, blues, smooth listening, rock, Motown, disco, and every other 
gender of dance and listening music. Topping it off with a personal touch,  This man can walk into any venue,
and entertain with the best. He has the experience
of many years, and working and touring with legends like Wilson Pickett and other stars.  To top it off,
He is one the nicest and personable men I've worked with in my long career.
No matter what situation you may need filled, Jack Philpot is your man!"